April 2023

Fourth Sunday of Easter 2023 at Volmoed

Readings for the day

When I was growing up the Cold War was raging, and the US was in a particularly fearful and paranoid way. Communists, or as we said back then “godless communists” were spotted behind every shrub. The Soviet Union was the great instrument of Satan and all things bad – and so the US was the great instrument of God and all things good. The rest of the world, at least in the American mind, was left to fit into one or the other sphere of influence, the good sphere (ours) or the bad. In the US we like things to be very binary, very black or white.

Sermon for the Third Sunday of Easter

Scripture Readings

This past week, we have enjoyed having Benedict and Sabine Schubert here with us at Volmoed. I have been privileged on several occasions during the week to listen to them telling parts of their story in various contexts. I have appreciated how rich their story is, and how effectively they tell it. By speaking of the ways in which God has been present in the complexity of their lives, they invite their listeners to reflect on God’s presence in our own lives.

I think that this morning’s Gospel reading does much the same for us. The evangelist Luke lets the story unfold much as life does as he tells it, but he understands where the story is going and invites us to bring our lives into the light of the story he is telling. As we relate to the characters in Luke’s story, we can let their experience enrich our understanding of the mystery of our own lives.

Triduum at Volmoed 2023 

Readings for Maundy Thursday

Readings for Good Friday

Today we embark on a three-day period known as Triduum or Three Great Days: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday… the days that lead up to Easter. 

The name, Maundy Thursday, comes from the Latin of the anthem that was part of this day’s liturgy in ancient times: Mandatum novum do vobis. It is from the Gospel according to John; “I give you a new commandment, that you love one another…” The Latin word for commandment is mandatum. Perhaps in ancient times this was known as ”the Thursday when we sing Mandatum Novum… “ 

The Clothing of Two Novices

The month of March opened and closed with significant events for the Brothers at the Priory.

edwin kriel receives the habit
Edwin Kriel receives the habit

Edwin Kriel was clothed as a Novice in the habit of our Order on Saturday 4 March. The ceremony was witnessed by a sizeable congregation of his family and friends from Worcester as well as members of the Volmoed community. It was a happy occasion, and the rain that followed was received as a sign of blessing. Having completed six months as a Postulant, Br Edwin will continue his formation as a Novice for a year. Please join us in prayer for him during this next phase.

josias morobi receives the habit
Josias Morobi receives the habit

Josias Morobi was a member of our monastic community some years ago, at the monastery outside Makhanda (Grahamstown) in the Eastern Cape. Having left to continue his discernment elsewhere, he has now returned to us. Br Josias was clothed as a Novice in the habit of our Order at Vespers on Thursday 30 March, in a ceremony witnessed by members of the Volmoed community. We give thanks for two such happy occasions in a single month. Please do include Br Josias in your prayers.