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Become an OHC Associate

Associates of the Order of the Holy Cross (AHC) were first instituted in 1887, just 3 years after the founding of the order. Since that time the Associates have been a vital part of the life, work, and vision of the Order.

The purpose of the Associates of Holy Cross is to help share the structure, insight, and support that monastic life can provide with those who are not called to be monks.  Associates, like monks, commit to anchoring daily life in the basic values of Benedictine spirituality: 

Community  |  Hospitality  |  Humility  |  Balance  |  Mindfulness

Starting with the Associates Rule, we encourage each associate, in consultation with a brother or spiritual director, to adapt the rule to fit their specific circumstances and needs in a way that is consistent with the practical wisdom of Benedictine life. Engaging in this process supports spiritual growth.

In addition to living under the Rule, OHC Associates commit to:

  • Annually reporting their experience of living in alignment with Benedictine spirituality.
  • Participating in at least one annual retreat at an OHC monastery.
  • Supporting OHC with prayer and, if possible, financial contributions.

If you are interested in a more ordered spiritual life, then you may consider becoming an OHC Associate.


Would you like to learn more? Do not hesitate!  Please contact us at associates@stbenedicts.org.za.

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