September 2023

Thursday at Volmoed – Season of Creation Week 4 – Preached by Br Robert James

Scripture Readings

Br Robert James
Br Robert James

During this Season of Creation, we join with Christians around the world to celebrate our calling to protect the Earth that God has entrusted to our care as stewards. Today’s Gospel sheds some light on a human tendency that contributes to our failure to be good stewards.

Jesus speaks this parable to his disciples as they struggle to understand the reign of God within the framework of the world in which they live. Like them, more often than not, we view the world, ourselves, and others through the lens of fairness rather than grace. We’ve been taught from an early age that fairness matters. Too often, however, fairness rather than love, acceptance, mercy, forgiveness, or generosity is the measure by which we act and judge another person or life circumstance. In contrast, grace is how God views the world and our lives.

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August 2023 News

This past month featured several opportunities for strengthening our monastic community’s relationships with the wider church in various forms. We are situated within the Diocese of False Bay (in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa), whose bishop, the Right Reverend Margaret Vertue, has just retired. Brs Scott & Edwin attended the final service of ordinations to the diaconate & priesthood carried out by Bp Margaret, at All Saints parish church in Belhar. Brs Roger & Edwin subsequently attended a service of thanksgiving for Bp Margaret’s ministry, at the Kruiskerk in Stellenbosch, shortly before the bishop’s retirement.

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Sermon for the Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture Readings

Today’s gospel reading marks a turning point in the story of Jesus’ life on earth as recorded by Matthew. It should be read together with the gospel reading from last Sunday, as it continues that narrative while introducing a stark contrast.

Last week, the apostle Peter experienced one of the high points in his relationship with Jesus, when Peter proclaimed Jesus to be the Messiah, the Son of the Living God. Jesus responded enthusiastically by declaring Peter blessed for having received a revelation from his heavenly Father. This week, Peter has suddenly become an obstacle in Jesus’ path, earning a swift and sharp rebuke.

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