Ascension Day

I was again struck by the words of this hymn that we sang at Vigils this morning. I thought they might be worth sharing more widely.

“Christ’s is the holy throne of God;
Our flesh, in him, now glorified:
Yet still he bears the nail-pierced wounds
Which sum up all for which he died.

“They tell of love that stands its ground,
That yearns to see our life increase,
Of glories that we each can glimpse
Beneath our pain or lack of peace.

“For Christ is now our plea, our cry,
God’s witness to our lives so scarred.
He gathers up, he binds and heals
What seems ignored or spurned or marred.

“Content not only to restore,
God graces us with gifts untold:
Delight and wonder, courage, joy,
These, soon, God’s Spirit will unfold.

“This, your ascension, Lord, proclaims
And draws from us our praise and song.
Our hearts are set where you now dwell:
Your Spirit come! For this we long.”

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