Happy Arch Birthday

Today is the celebration of the 89th birthday of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. St Benedict’s Priory joins with folks across the globe in wishing him great blessings on this day. 

Stilted Anglican terminology applies the preface “The Most Reverend” to Archbishops. It’s hard to imagine someone who more embodies this description. The importance of Desmond Tutu to the Anglican Church of South Africa, the Worldwide Anglican Communion, and indeed the wider world cannot be overstated. God speaks to mortals through prophets. Anyone who thinks God is silent these days has simply not heard Desmond Tutu.  

Archbishop Tutu is patron to Volmoed and is the one who invited the Order of the Holy Cross to come to South Africa in the late 1990’s. With St Benedict’s Priory now located at Volmoed, we think Archbishop Tutu’s plan for us may be coming to fulfilment.  

The rich complexity of Tutu’s life is hard to comprehend. He was born in Klerksdorp in the North West Province of South Africa. He grew up in a poor family but managed to gain a fine education both in South Africa and in the UK. He lived through the horror of Apartheid and chaired the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that has done so much to heal the wounds of Apartheid – though there is still work to do. He has been a champion and important voice for oppressed people across the globe. He has been a theological leader across the globe. But most of all he has been a powerful and infectious advocate for God’s love and joy, championing a warm and loving faith that embraces everyone he meets. 

The past few months have not been easy for Desmond and Leah Tutu. Their home here in Hermanus was destroyed by fire. While no one was injured, thank God, it has been a traumatic loss and disruption on top of the stress of lock down measures for Covid.  

Desmond Tutu’s 89 years of life have been a great gift for all. Certainly, his life and ministry have made this world a better place, a place closer to God’s Kingdom. Please join us in wishing him all the rich blessings of God’s love. 

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