Turning one…

During lockdown big celebrations are not in order. But we couldn’t turn one without something. So today at Eucharist we had a nice, small outdoor coffee time with some beautiful edible treats. Just about everyone from Volmoed was with us – so it was not a big group, but it is the people who have been part of our lives at Volmoed for the year.

It has been a fascinating year to say the least. We arrived on the last day of August, 2019, and began our worship life here the next day. There was a time of settling in. Then a time of reaching out to folks in the region. Then there should have been a time of ripening and growing in ministry, but COVID-19 had a different plan. Lockdown has now extended for about half our life at Volmoed.

Still – while lockdown has been devastating, it has saved many lives. And while it has greatly hampered our growth here, it has not foiled it. We are settling and looking at some new and exciting possibilities. And we are keenly aware that being locked down at Volmoed is really not a hardship – we have been blessed and privileged. And so in humility we are looking for ways to spread some of that blessing around.

But today it’s about celebration. Thank you for visiting us on line and we look forward to being able to see people in the flesh soon here at Volmoed.

Br Scott

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  1. Congratulations, my dear Bothers! What a blessing you continue to be as a community as you evolve from Grahamstown to Volmoed and as you grow with the expanding opportunities there at Volmoed. I am so grateful to continue to be a part of your lives, and look forward to the expansion of your ministries there – even as the covid virus is with us all.

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